The Industrial Association for the Clearing up of the Matanza – Riachuelo and Reconquista basins (UISCUMARR), was set up during July 2010, and is a member of the UIPBA(Industrial Association of the Province of Buenos Aires).

It arises, mainly upon the ACUMAR (Matanza-Riachuelo Basin Authority) creation, inter-jurisdictional public law body set up under 26.168 Act, within the scope of the Argentine State Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers.

This authority has highly auditing powers to ensure prompt, safe and sustained recovery of the water courses involved in their incumbent territories, at the time of standardizing to unify different regimes as regards both discharges of effluent into bodies of receiving water and gaseous emissions.

According to the fact that many companies were inspected by the authorities ofACUMAR (Matanza-Riachuelo Basin Authority)  finding their liquid effluents were not as per regulations in force,  decisions were dictated declaring them  *Pollution Agents*. This situation, in case they do not submit a PRI (Industrial Restructuring Project) which needs to be approved by the competent authority, it may result in the temporary or permanent closure of the firm.

In order to take more specific action on these companies and the competent authorities in order to adapt the operation to this environmental normative reality, is that an important group of industrials decided the creation of an entity which would deal this complex situation and it was called UISCUMARR (Industrial Union for the Cleaning Up of the Matanza-Riachuelo and Reconquista Basins)

Its main goal is to coordinate actions among public, private and civil intermediate institutions for the achievement of an environmental cleaning up of the water basins involved, holding in custody the necessary balance for a better and further development of cleaner production, in a dynamic working sphere and with a host community of all the benefits achieved.

These actions will be carried out within a framework of high understanding and scheduled timing among mentioned parties involved, based on the axes of fluent communication with active participation, reaching a consensus on planning in close cooperation the academic world, searching for financing and subsidies required for the businesses within other necessary additional tools.

Also working jointly is needed in each city council territory with the enterprise and social institutions required within the geographical area involved.