President: Dr. Marcelo Taboada

Our main objective is aimed for industries to achieve Cleaner Production, and in that way to fulfill present needs avoiding running risks on those of future generations.

For this purpose a wide range of tools is available that enable partners to comply with the regulations in force and even improve the allowed parameters.

We seek to create a change in consciousness, taking into account the new environmental paradigm, so new companies are born and grow on the basis of a clean production.


President: Lic. Roberto Dabusti

In this Department we intend to act as a bridge between companies, civil society and Public Administration, to strengthen the dialogue and development in all areas.  We seek to provide appropriate knowledge tools, through a committed approach under ethical values aiming to raise consciousness, promote and improve the implementation of responsible practice by companies, civil society and public administrations within a cooperation and dialogue framework.

We base our work on the virtuous triangle of Sustainable Development, in which the economic efficiency of the company, the social development of the community in general and environmental balance must be taken into account. *Achieve commercial success managing the social and environmental impact*.

After working at the beginning on the basis of CSR and knowing there do not exist successful companies in societies that collapse, is that in UISCUMARR we now focus our work based in Sustainable Development. We work and we focus on the better use of the resources of the partner companies to meet current needs and at the same time having in mind environmental care without compromising the ability of future generations.


President: Dr. Mariano Villares

By sustainable development we mean *development which implies meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own need* as mentioned, in 1987, during the World Commission on Environment and Development 1987, giving birth to that concept.

Young people, to be the closest representatives of future generations play the main role in the Chamber. Young people are who have to generate new business entrepreneurships on the basis of cleaner production.

To achieve this we need to train new businessmen who will continue and increase economic development of our country, taking into account how far we´ve come in environmental protection and going deep in sustainable development.

Our department invites young businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals that provide services to companies or which profession contributes to improving the environment.


Vicepresident: Lic. Nicolas Zaia

It is usual that many companies that wish to comply with environmental regulations currently in force, note that they are not able to do so because of their economic reality.

In order to overcome these obstacles this Department provides business men the necessary tools to achieve the clean production.

There is a wide range of instruments that can be managed through UISCUMARR (Industrial Union for the Cleaning Up of the Matanza-Riachuelo and Reconquista Basins), among which we can highlight green credits, subsidies, tax exemptions, incentives.


President: Lic. Federico Villares

We are working to establish, maintain and strengthen links with the public and private sectors both national and international. We diagram the communication for the Chamber, including the organization of institutional, academic, training events, within other functions.


President: Cristian Boso

We give priority to the training of business men, employees and citizens in general, on specific topics in reference with the basins where we are situated and on general topics of national and international environment.