Corporate Social Responsibility

When we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we refer to the active and voluntary contribution by the companies to the social, economic and environmental improvement.

This idea arises, since experience has shown that the role of enterprises in society cannot be limited simply to production or marketing of a product.

Far from it, today more than ever, companies not only have an economic role, but a social and environmental function, social responsibility being the answer that best fits the need of a sustainable development that will protect environment and communities, without overlooking production.

Businessmen have a social power which is broader than the economic one. We must understand that the company has a role within the sphere where it acts, it is absorbed in a social relationships network and cannot be unaware of this fact, and cannot be isolated from the world where it acts, it is inevitably involved.

Precisely, the CSR is the role that moves companies in favor of sustainable development, i.e. for the balance between economic growth, social welfare and care for the environment.

Businessmen must be an active part in the solution and the challenges that we have as a society, understanding that to contribute socially implies in turn to contribute to our own interest to have a stable, prosperous and healthy environment.

From the UISCUMAR we intend to be a bridge between companies, civil society and public administrations, to strengthen dialogue and development of the Social Corporate Responsibility at all levels, providing relevant tools for knowledge, through an approach that is committed to ethical values aiming to raise awareness, promote and improve the implementation of responsible practices by enterprises, civil society and public administrations within a framework of cooperation and dialogue.

We expect that businessmen push in search of new productive leads, will be also used to create ideas and actions in pursuit of the general welfare; considering that CRS goes beyond mere respect for the law, and this is a minimum floor.

Scope of Implementation

UISCUMARR covers all those city councils that belong to the Matanza-Riachuelo basin and the Reconquista basin, except for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In the Matanza-Riachuelo basins: Almirante Brown, Avellaneda, Cañuelas, Esteban Echeverría, Ezeiza, General Las Heras, La Matanza, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Marcos Paz, Merlo, Morón, Presidente Perón y San Vicente..

The Reconquista basin, for its part, covers 18 city councils: Marcos Paz, Gral. Las Heras, Merlo, Morón, Luján, Gral. Rodriguez, Moreno, Ituzaingó, Hurlingham, Malvinas Argentinas, San Miguel, José C. Paz, Tres de Febrero, Gral. San Martín, Vicente López, San Fernando, Tigre and San Isidro.