Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is a document that becomes part of the life of all members of the entity since its incorporation into the same.

Ethics is an ideal of human behavior that guides each human being on what is right, what is proper and what should be, and direct his life towards his fellows, seeking general wellbeing.

The adoption of ethical principles reflect the type of entity of which we are part and the kind of people we are, our respect for individual differences and concern on social aspects, environment.

To set forth regulations governing the performance of the entity and what she expects of its members, as well as appoint moral principles that should guide and inspire the conduct and behavior of the members in the performance of their duties. It is mandatory to managers, employees, collaborators and other persons carrying out activities on UISCUMARR or on behalf of the institution.

They must act in correct, upright and efficient manner in search of results, incorporating the values of UISCUMARR, obeying regulations, apart from observing this code and independently of their function, in such a way that it becomes a pattern for conduct and behavior expected both in internal relationships and with the society.

  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Environmental care
  • Social Responsibility
  • Teamwork

  • To respect the environment and actively cooperate on environmental re-composition.
  • To promote the development and spreading of new technologies aimed at cleaner production and sustainable development.
  • To encourage the development and growth of corporate social responsibility in Argentina.
  • To support and respect protection of human rights, denouncing any irregularities in this respect
  • To ensure the elimination of any form of compulsory work or carried out under duress and to participate actively in the fight against child labor.
  • To leave out any kind of discriminatory behavior, supporting diversity.
  • Working to eradicate all types of corruption, including extortion and bribery.
Sets the ethical foundations of UISCUMARR, directing the behavior of managers, employees, collaborators, co-workers and other persons carrying out activities on behalf of the institution or UISCUMARR, moderating treatment with colleagues, members and society at large.
The drafting of the code of conduct is organized into three groups:

1) Relationship at workplace.
2) Relationship with partners.
3) Relationship with society.

1) Relationship at workplace:

During the practice of duties, of all managers, employees and collaborators they must carry out their duties with the aim to work in multidisciplinary teams, trying to overcome challenges, keeping the entrepreneurial spirit and respecting the interests of UISCUMARR.
UISCUMARR believes that the diversity of its professionals is one of the main factors for their keeping their success and growth. For this reason seeks to recruit and keep efficient and talented people.
At the same time, personal activities and relationships must come into conflict with the interests of the entity.
To achieve this purpose UISCUMARR expects of its members:

  • Acting with a sense of integrity to thus maintain trust and credibility.
  • To perform different tasks that can have a wide range of legal issues, being the responsibility for each professional to seek appropriate advice to be able to resolve it.
  • Not to carry out activities without a prior discussion of the case with the respective authorities of the institution, at the same time information of both the entity and third parties will be handled, for this reason it is prohibited disclosure thereof without prior authorization.
  • Avoid actions that could put at risk the image UISCUMARR projects on the community.
  • To be honest in your criticism and not to slander or denigrate others work.
  • To exert the activities given to them effectively, avoiding situations that may be a delay in the presentation or resolution of a problem presented by a client.
  • To encourage the generation of ideas for the growth and development of the institution, making constructive criticism.
  • To promote actions that foster team work and inside communication.
  • To consider other professional help when they are not prepared to perform any task, in order to be able to obtain satisfactory results.
  • To plan and develop projects that will contribute to the growth and the image of the institution.
  • Intimidation or offense to other professionals, associates and collaborators is not allowed, and discriminatory practices are not be allowed.

All UISCUMARR professionals, regardless their function, will be always treated with respect and attention, offering them conditions for their personal and professional development.
It is strictly forbidden to use the name, acronym, logo and image of UISCUMARR, without prior authorization of the Board of Directors.

2) Relationship with Partners:

The behavior of UISCUMARR and its members with respect to partners must be guided per following attitudes:

  • Attention to specific needs, each member will come up with different problems and they should be treated with commitment. The answers to them should high quality, always seeking the best partner service, exceeding his expectations.
  • Quality of reply: they must be carried out under a prior and detailed analysis, keeping a consistency with the legislation related to the problem. In case of any unexpected delay as regards as time and quality of the reply, any member or partner of UISCUMARR must submit the case to the Board of Directors or the Ethics Committee for analyses according to the subject matter.
  • Confidentiality, there must be a commitment to maintain the confidentiality of the information received by the members. Confidence of members is the basis for the success and development of the institution.
  • To provide information to members, to keep fluent communication with partners is of vital importance, therefore it must be informed in a truthful and efficient manner about the development of solutions to the problems explained and the actions that are implemented.

3) Relationship with society

We need to strive to be responsible citizens on behalf of the community where we develop, is one of the bedrocks in the implementation of activities, this forces us to be sensitive to social and environmental concerns, as we seek to enhance the wellbeing of the community.


For this reason UISCUMARR:

    • It Intends to develop projects and provide advice to those companies that in their daily activity may affect either the environment, inhabitants, among other issues, so in that way they can live harmoniously together with the community where they are located, respecting people, the environment, their values, etc.
    • Due to the growing signs of environmental pollution and the large number of inspections that are being carried out, provides advice to companies so that they can act efficiently and under the regulations in force.
    • Intended for all the activities of the companies included in the city towns of the Matanza-Riachuelo and Reconquista basins, to be carried out not only according to national and international environmental legislation, but also taking into account the optimization in the use of natural assets, the preservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and the needs of communities where they interact.
    • Cooperate in the development of educational and social projects in the communities where it acts, stimulating the overcoming of deficiencies and the inclusion of new attitudes and procedures seeking for a better quality of life.
Media play a very important role as channels of information of the society, because of this the entity will always be prepared to address the concerns that turn up in order to clear those doubts which can arise in the community.
The information disclosed has great influence on what the image of the institution represents, for this reason statements will be made by authorized professionals in the Board of Directors.

Ethics Committee

In UISCUMARR we have an Ethics Committee, composed of three members, elected by the Executive Committee for a period of 2 years.
The Committee is responsible for updating the Code and its disclosure.
The Code shows what is expected of each of its members in different situations in which is involved, for this reason there may be doubts about the best attitude or way to take in such case, in which case Code of Ethics should be checked, and it the doubt continuous, this Committee will provide advice.
The Ethics Committee shall inform the Board of Directors any breach omission or suspicion thereof, to the code of ethics on part of any of its directors, employees, partners, or any person who carries out activities of UISCUMARR or on behalf of the same, suggesting the applicable sanction.